Indonesian version of the sex story - Working group that favors

 Working group that favors

Ryan, today we are working in my group, huh? "Rena came to me "Okay, deh, what time?" I asked with a nod "Hmmm, at first, deh, suppose - suppose to 5" And he said, with a sweet smile
I also nodded with a smile, Rena was the most beautiful girl in my class, her sweet, cute, and beautiful, but her body is beautiful, with breast being, white, and the bottom contains many true - true love with her, including me, or people who only desire to see and menggodanya.Aku really lucky, Mrs Selvi choose my group, me and Rena, a lot of friends who envy me.
After school, I remember Rena was masturbating, and then I got into my car driven by my driver.
"Bang, I'll come home at 5, do not pick up before 5, huh?" I said to my driver "Okay, deh"
Arriving at his house, I went to his house large enough, Rena's father advised the entrepreneurs are busy at home in the evening, while mother Rena, Miss Alyssa, a housewife.
As I entered, I was greeted by Rena and her mother, I was stunned to see both of them, as beautiful as Alyssa Mrs. Rena, age was 36 years old, but still beautiful face, slender body, a rather large breasts, and unlike his white mother who already had children , my penis was standing hard look keduanya.Nafsuku increased dramatically.
I also invited into the room Rena, I had deg - degan alone with Rena, but my soul is, I will try to keep my soul and helped Rena doing work that was ordered, we sat at the table opposite.
During the work I took a lot of temptation to him with expense, making a shy smile and his face flushed, her fascinated me, my face called handsome by my friends often ogled by Rena.Jam 3 of our work has been completed, while I have to be picked up at 5, I will sent Rena accompany the first, while waiting for pickup.
"Ryan, you're funny, huh?" "Oh, sure, dong" I replied proudly "But you're too cute" "Ahh, you're too pretty, really" I said romantic.
Now it is our view, put my hand on the hand gently on the table, and sat down beside him, kumajukan head to his head, he looked silent, we are now a romantic kiss, her lips were warm, kukulum lips for 5 minutes, because it was passionate, I tried to squeeze breasts to slowly and gently, when my hand touched her breasts, she seemed to let it, so now we kissed her hands squeezing her breasts.
About 5 minutes more we do so, then arrived - arrived the door was opened, as soon as I pulled off my kisses and nothing happened again - anything, really love, I think to come in and say Alyssa hati.Bu
"Rena, you are called papa to the office, there are important matters"
Rena initially refused, but after being forced, he too agreed, while Miss Alyssa is now sitting beside me, put his hand on my thigh, my penis hardens quickly, he too said:
"Son Ryan, aunt had seen, really what you are doing the same Rena" "Hmm, Hmmmm" I was scared and nervous fear of being scolded "Not what - what, why, aunt not blame you, Rena's body was exciting, anyway"
I'm a little surprised to hear that
"Ryan, you know, not? Tante now lust, ya see you were kissing and squeezing"
I pretend - pretending confusion, but I desire to hear it.
Now her hands are placed on the thighs caressed - gently stroked my penis while he was guiding my hand to her breast, then he turned his head to head, and then we kissed softly, my hands now began squeezing her breasts are still firm, and Ms. Alyssa opened my pants while I take her clothes off, now posted my penis, he was rather surprised by its size, then I will take her clothes off and BHnya, breasts have browned and are still tight nipples, she just suck my penis is pointing up because we were sitting, kulumannya really nice, made me close my eyes, squeezing her breasts.
Today I opened his pants, then the CD is already wet, pussy terlihatlah still beautiful even after having two children, still reddish with fine hairs which cleanly shaved, I will lick her pussy, very delicious and fragrant, making her pussy getting wet jilatanku, he struggling - struggling amusement and pleasure, now I'm back to sitting in a chair, Mrs. Alyssa climbed into my lap, her vagina on my penis memaskan, then put my hand on his hip, now my penis has entered the vagina Miss Alyssa, first slowly, then faster and faster, I dip the body Bu Alyssa quickly, making her close her eyes and her pussy getting wet, I felt her vaginal muscles massaged by penis, very enjoyable so mebuatku sigh of pleasure, while kunaikturunkan sexy body quickly.
"Ahhhh, Akkkhhh, Shhh, delicious, Ryan, on, Ahhhh"
Discharge of hot pussy wet penis, then kupelankan bit because I've felt going out, I picked up a chair next to her body, then kusodorkan my penis to her, she was shaking, and my sperm out of his face.
"Tante has not been satisfied, Ryan, you still want to, what?" "Yes, auntie"
I also picked up his body, I lay on the bed, her legs wide open, I noticed that her vagina was very wet, very beautiful,
"What are you, Ryan? Come on plug" "Yes, auntie"
She guided my penis into her vagina, after entry, making it twitched kumajumundurkan quickly and sigh of pleasure, massage her vagina on my penis harder and delicious, making me close my eyes to enjoy the vagina,
"Ahhhh, Ehhhm, Akkkkk, Ahhhhhhh"
Alyssa added Bu sigh my soul, body and facial sweat add to my soul, makes him sigh louder
"Akkkh, Ryan, aunt come out"
Mrs. Alyssa vaginal discharge which also numbered many warm, I took out my penis from her vagina who had been massaging my penis pleasure, then kusodorkan him, whisk Mom Alyssa is very good, so one minute later sperm came out with heavy again, and then clean it with her mouth Mom Alyssa, we lying naked with a hug
"Bloody hell, this aunt had never secapek, Ryan, also has never been this give as much pleasure"
I smiled at this, then we immediately clean up a former Miss Alyssa orgasm and sperm, and then we dressed back then did a french kiss, my soul rise again, I want to continue it in the bathroom, I will ask Miss Alyssa, he agrees, then we do it again in the bathroom until 04:30 hours, Rena returned home and we talked - talk like nothing happened at all.
Since the incident I more often play to the house Rena, and of course enjoying Mom Alyssa, her mother had enjoyed, the rest of the children.

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